Written Submission on Bill 77, An Act to provide services to persons with developmental disabilities

August 1, 2008

In May 2008, the Ontario government introduced Bill 77, a proposed new law to reform the way in which the government delivers services to people with intellectual disabilities. Bill 77 was referred to the Standing Committee on Social Policy, which held public hearings to examine it. ARCH made an oral presentation in Ottawa and sent written submissions to the Committee. We argued that while the creation of a new developmental services law is essential, Bill 77 does not create a developmental services system that is based on values of full citizenship and inclusion. The Bill treats people with intellectual disabilities as less deserving of fundamental rights that other Canadians. These include the right to complain and appeal when problems arise, the right to be free from abuse and the right to make one’s own decisions. ARCH warned the Committee that without substantial changes to the Bill, the lives of people with intellectual disabilities will not be improved.

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