In Memory of Teresa Daw

Teresa Daw's photo.jpgARCH mourns the passing of our beloved President, Teresa Daw, on Wednesday, January 3rd, after a short struggle with cancer.

This is a devastating loss for our ARCH family and for the legal clinic system. Her commitment to ARCH and to the people that make up this organization was unparalleled, as was her dedication to social justice and the legal clinic system across Ontario. 

Teresa had a longstanding history of being a strong and effective advocate on disability rights issues and worked locally, nationally and internationally to advance social justice and inclusion for marginalized and under-represented groups for over thirty years. 

Teresa immediately made an impact when she joined our Board in October 2014 and as President since December 2015. For those fortunate to have known her, you will remember a brilliant thinker, a compassionate and passionate advocate, and a natural leader. She consistently challenged us to achieve excellence and raised the bar at every opportunity. ARCH is a much stronger and effective organization because of her leadership and vision and her impact will continue to be felt by ARCH and the communities we serve. Teresa was incredibly dedicated, insightful and thoughtful. She always shared her positive energy and had the ability to bring people together. We will deeply miss our dear friend and President.