Getting to ARCH

Getting to ARCH by TTC: The closest subway is St Andrew station on the University line. It is an accessible station. There are several ways to get to ARCH from St Andrew station, using elevators, escalators and stairs. 

This page explains how to get to ARCH using the elevators.  We have tried to make these directions useful for everyone. Please contact us by phone, TTY or email if you have suggestions to make these directions better.
If you would like details on using stairs or escalators, there is information about this by Balance for Blind Adults. That information is in a Word document that you can find at this link: Directions by Balance
Getting out of the subway station:

  • After you get off the subway train, find the elevator.
  • For persons with vision disabilities, there are tactile way-finding strips on the ground. You can use these strips to find the elevator. 
  • Take the elevator to Level 3.
  • When you get off at Level 3, make a U-turn to the right. This will take you to gates/ turnstiles. Go through these gates/turnstiles. This will take you out of the subway, but you will still be in the underground path.

Getting from the underground to the street:

  • After you get out of the turnstiles make a sharp (90 degrees) turn to the left. 
  • Go a short way. You will pass a Gateway stand with bright lights on the right side, and then a Presto machine on the left side.  After that you will have a choice of three different paths. The left path goes to the stairs to the street, the middle path goes to the Sun Life Financial building, and the right path takes a sharp turn (90 degrees) to a ramp. 
  • Make a sharp right turn and go up the ramp. 
  • Go through the doors at the end of the ramp. There is an automatic opener button on the right side of the doors.
  • After you are through the doors, there will be a second set of doors a short way from you. Do not go through the second set of doors.  Instead, take the path on the right.
  • This path on the right will take you to an elevator.  The elevator doors are on your left at the end of the path.
  • Take the elevator to Level 1. When you leave the elevator, be careful to stay away from the right side. There are stairs going down on that side.
  • Go forward a short way and then turn sharply to the left (90 degrees). There will be two sets of doors that you must go through to get to the street. The doors have an automatic opener button. One set of doors may be open.
  • You will now be on the street, just south of King Street West and just east of University Avenue.

Getting from the street to 55 University Avenue:

  • If you have come out from the elevator onto the street, you will be facing north toward King Street West. University Ave is on your left. You will be facing a large glass building on the north east corner of King Street West and University Avenue.
  • Make a sharp turn to the left (90 degrees) and go a short way. Then make another sharp left turn (90 degrees) and go south down University Avenue.
  • There is construction work on the sidewalk and a part of the sidewalk is closed off by a metal fence. 
  • Persons with vision disabilities may wish to use the building wall to find their way down the street. Please be careful because there are places where the wall sticks out, and many staircases along this wall, as well as some other things in the way.
  • There will be a stone planter box about 4 or 5 feet high, and a Starbucks just to the north of the entrance to 55 University Avenue.
  • There are three different doors that you can use to enter 55 University Avenue. The middle door is a revolving door. There are two flat doors on either side of it. 
  • The flat door to your right (south) has an automatic opener button. The button is on the wall, just south, or right, of the door. There is also a security panel on that wall, closer to the door.
  • There is an area rug by the doors right after you enter the building.

Getting from the lobby of 55 University to the elevators

  • The lobby is large and square with a security desk at the north east or far left corner.
  • At the end of the lobby, there is a small hall with elevators on the north and south, or left and right sides.
  • There are elevator buttons beside the north elevators only.
  • These directions explain how to get to ARCH using the north elevators.  You can find information about using the south elevators in the Word document by Balance for Blind Adults. 

Getting from the north elevators to ARCH

  • The elevators make a sound when the doors open.  
  • After you get into the elevator, you can use the buttons with floor numbers on either side of the elevator door. All the buttons have Braille and raised print.
  • You will find the 15th floor button in the second row from the top, in the column on the left. 
  • When you get to the 15th floor, go out of the elevator and make a sharp turn to the right (90 degrees). Then go a short way forward. You will reach a double door. Push down on the door handle or use the automatic opener to go into the office. If you visit ARCH before August 2016, this door should be propped open. 
  • After you go through the door, the reception desk will be ahead of you, slightly to your right side.
  • ARCH and several other legal clinics use the same reception desk. 
  • Please do not give any private information except maybe your name, to the person at the reception desk. Tell them that you have an appointment at ARCH or that you would like to speak to someone from ARCH.


  • There is an accessible, universal washroom on the 15th floor. 
  • The receptionist can tell you how to get to that washroom and other washrooms. The information from Balance for Blind Adults also explains how to find the washrooms.